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Navigating Excellence: Introducing Our Seasoned Team of Experts

Meet Our Experienced Team

CAPIQAL’s vision is to provide businesses with an end-to-end service that offers expertise across multiple grant providers in the Domestic and European funding space.

In order to facilitate this vision, the structure of CAPIQAL is made up of a very experienced internal team supported by a large network of independent partners with specialist skill sets across Ireland, UK and Europe.

The team structure allows us to provide support on medium to large applications and provide a mix of internal expertise, project management and external partner knowledge specialists.

We know what’s possible in the Irish/ UK/ EU arena, and we’re dedicated to delivering measurable results for our clients. We understand that every company has different needs, so we take a hands-on approach to finding out what those are–and then exceeding them.

Charlie Grendon


John McEvoy

Chief Executive Officer

Gillian McKenna

Chief Process Officer

Seamus McCann

Director International Business

Eoin O’Neill

Head of Business Development

Noel Quinn

Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Moonen

Senior Funding Associate (EU)

Grant Halcomb

Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Frese

Senior Funding Associate (IRE)

Sharon Dviri

European Funding Associate

Sergio Quesada

European Funding Associate

Oleksandr Kiktenko

European Funding Associate

Specialist Grant Writers


Independent European Grant Writers

Network of European Grant Organisations