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The Key To Successful Grant Funding Is Preparation Through Development, Strategy And Structure

Preparation Is Key

Successful Grant applications are built on structure, strategy and innovation.

The building blocks of market discovery, financial forecasting, quantitative and qualitative analysis, internationalisation and route to market strategy all serve to strengthen grant applications.

In preparing your application the CAPIQAL team will take you through this process to give you the best statistical chance of success.

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Streamlined Approach

Likelihood of Success

Preparation Services

Document Bank Creation

A Grant document bank is similar to a bid library for tenders, but in most cases will contain far more nuanced material, generally specific to the grant call/program the proposal is being written to attain.

Our experts will work with you, to analyse and assess which key areas of your document bank may be lacking or require improvement, to enhance the businesses eligibility for the particular type of grant looking to be won.

A document bank once developed is a very useful toolkit for grant writers to work from, upon making further applications on the client’s behalf. As our clients move along their aspirational road map, it is generally the case that after each application, a large proportion of the already existing bank can be repurposed, therefore also improving efficiency.

Market Research

We offer customised market research solutions tailored to the unique dynamics of your business.

Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach, we perform an in-depth analysis of your market and audience. Analysing your business to dive deep and uncover opportunities you may have never considered.

Feasibility Studies

Before any company makes a large investment or embarks on a major expansion, it should have a clear understanding of the risks, costs and revenues involved. Some companies have the in-house skills and experience necessary to analyse the market, while other companies find it more effective to outsource these tasks to an independent third party.

Our expert consulting team has extensive experience in providing economic and project feasibility analysis for clients in both the private and public sectors.

Business Plans

Grants, administered by government bodies such as Enterprise Ireland and within the EU, require that applicants meet specific criteria before being eligible for funding. As part of this process, it may be necessary for businesses to develop or revise business plans. We at CAPIQAL can assist with this service.

Our skilled business plan writers have experience writing across many industries including, but not limited to, technology, hospitality, property, services, and VR/ AR.

Consortium Building

Our expert team are equipped to provide advisory services and project management for the development and creation of consortiums for specific grant funding call/programs. We have many years’ experience across all stages of consortium development, beginning with pre-start scoping and planning, through to coordinating between partners, across incorporation and establishment, and onto finally bidding to win contracts and grant funding.

Eligibility Assessment

An eligibility assessment is a critically important part of a company’s grant journey that will give clear and accurate feedback on whether the business or project is a suitable candidate for grant funding prior to committing valuable time and resources in to crafting a grant application.  Our process of determining if a company or project meets the criteria for grant funding is assessed from the perspective of the grant provider.

Grant Application Phases

Discovery Call

Phase 1

Prior to engagement, it is important that CAPIQAL understands your business and eligibility for grants.

Audit & Scope Report

Phase 2

CAPIQAL conducts in-depth due diligence post-discovery calls to craft a grant roadmap considering factors like positioning, eligibility, scaling strategy, historical support, and company structure.

Core Development & Preparation

Phase 3

The Audit & Scope report identifies gaps and weaknesses within the client’s business, which CAPIQAL addresses in Core Development, leading to a substantial document bank and strategy.

Application & Submission

Phase 4

CAPIQAL compiles supporting documentation and manages grant applications from start to submission after Core Development.

Drawdown Management

Phase 5

After winning a grant, CAPIQAL's experienced team establishes and manages comprehensive reporting structures, accommodating all client sizes.


We are grant support experts in Domestic Grants (Irish & UK Grants) and European Grants

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We will help to unlock positioning and strategy post drawdown and prior to new applications

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