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Through Analysis, Positioning And Review

Funding For Success

Analysis, understanding, specialist knowledge and expert delivery are fundamental to successful grant applications.

CAPIQAL has a team of consultants who provide one-to-one guidance throughout the entire process of developing and submitting a strong proposal for grant funding. This service includes analysis, strategic positioning advisory, proposal reviews grant writing and edits, plus, specialist practical direction from experts working within the grant funding industry for decades.

Working With Us

Grant Specific Knowledge

Outsourcing of Grant Preparation

Strategy Road mapping of Grants

Likelihood of Success

Funding Services

Audit and Scope

An audit and scope report is the starting point of CAPIQAL deeply understanding your overall business strategy. Throughout this process we not only identify which grant pathways will be best suited to your business, but also report on any gaps, weaknesses, and or changes in strategy which may be advisable to improve your chances of success within the current grant funding landscape.

Within this report you can also expect to receive a clear grants roadmap (including timelines and call dates), an assumed Return on Investment (ROI) and statistical analysis of success data.

Grant Applications

Our grant writing experts will work with you to prepare a complete application for submission that gives your business the best chance of success.

Since the evolution of the grants landscape to digital, the need for certainty in direction and process, has become even more important.

For this reason, all our expert team have been working within the grants world for many years’ and are equipped with the practical knowledge to guide you and your business through each step of process with ease.

Each grant call/program has its own guidelines and requirements. We assist in the function of helping businesses research, prepare, and write award winning grant applications for, but not limited to: Enterprise Ireland, Horizon Europe, EIC Accelerator and EUREKA Eurostars.

To ensure that your proposal meets the scope of the call/program and is eligible to apply, make sure to contact us for further assistance.

Application Mapping

Our consultants will deep dive into your overall business strategy and by doing so, will assess and create a roadmap for grant applications across a 1– 2 year period.

This exercise takes place within our Audit & Scope report and creates the foundation of a strategic application journey.

This process is specifically designed to map into your company’s scaling strategy.

This application mapping will include details such as; suitability to your business, call dates, description of fund, scope of work and average success rates.

Strategic Grant Advise

CAPIQAL provides strategic grant advice to clients,  assisting them to define a tailor-made strategy, focussed upon matches that may exist within the current grant landscape.

Although, with a vast number of funding opportunities existing across tech, life sciences, health, biotechnology, and green & sustainable innovations, it can be a minefield for businesses to strategise which is the best fit for their enterprise.

Our team of experts take this pain away, by providing our clients with strategic plans for success by utilising their practical knowledge of the industry.

Review and Resubmission

When applying to competitive programs, such as Eureka Eurostars, Horizon Europe and the EIC Accelerator, it is important to ensure that your application reaches its full potential. For this reason, we offer the services of review and/or resubmission.

Following the specific guidelines of the call/program, including the criteria for evaluation, we will improve your chances of being selected by providing advisory on writing effective, convincing language directed at non-technical reviewers. Guidance on better articulation of scientific/technological content, along with direction on developing a stronger business case.

We will as a result of applying these changes, be able to submit an improved version of your grant application.

Peer review

In our capacity as Grant Specialists, our peer review process evaluates all aspects of the grant application for funding based on key measurables and value mapping. Our experts assess each application for quality and statistical likelihood of success. Our peer review team is made up of specialists who have previous experience working for the grant provider in question and have substantial knowledge of the specific grant.

Grant Advisory

Our team serve as trusted advisors to companies seeking funding opportunities. Our expertise spans a wide range of grant programs and funding sources, enabling us to provide invaluable guidance throughout the entire grant-seeking process. From identifying suitable grant opportunities to navigating complex application requirements, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are dedicated to maximising your chances of success by offering strategic insights, meticulous planning, and a deep understanding of grant evaluation criteria.

Grant Application Phases

Discovery Call

Phase 1

Prior to engagement, it is important that CAPIQAL understands your business and eligibility for grants.

Audit & Scope Report

Phase 2

CAPIQAL conducts in-depth due diligence post-discovery calls to craft a grant roadmap considering factors like positioning, eligibility, scaling strategy, historical support, and company structure.

Core Development & Preparation

Phase 3

The Audit & Scope report identifies gaps and weaknesses within the client’s business, which CAPIQAL addresses in Core Development, leading to a substantial document bank and strategy.

Application & Submission

Phase 4

CAPIQAL compiles supporting documentation and manages grant applications from start to submission after Core Development.

Drawdown Management

Phase 5

After winning a grant, CAPIQAL's experienced team establishes and manages comprehensive reporting structures, accommodating all client sizes.


We can manage your application strategy from start to finish with oversight on the process

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