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At CAPIQAL we specialise in developing high-quality grant applications tailored to a company’s needs, ensuring that each submission is clear, compelling, and aligned with grant criteria. But our commitment does not end there. We also offer Peer Review Services, in which an impartial assessment is conducted to evaluate the structure and positioning of your grant application.

Why Grant Peer Review Matters

The grant peer review process can be the difference between success and failure. It is designed to reduce the risk associated with the application and provide an unbiased evaluation from the perspective of grant providers.

Here is why our Grant Peer Review Services can be so important:

  • Objective Evaluation: Peer reviewers provide an objective assessment of grant applications, offering valuable insights and recommendations that can significantly improve your likelihood of success.
  • Quality Enhancement: Our peer review process enhances the quality and competitiveness of your grant applications, ensuring that they meet the high standards set by grant providers.
  • Maximised Impact: By receiving feedback and recommendations from experienced peers, your company can make strategic improvements that maximise the impact of your grant application efforts.

    Empower Your Grant Applications with Expert Peer Review

    Unbiased Evaluation for Maximum Impact: Refine Your
    Grant Strategy with CAPIQAL’s Peer Review Excellence

    Our Peer review Process

    Full Assessement

    Full Assessment of Previous Applications (if required): Evaluation of any relevant prior applications to identify strengths and weaknesses.

    Guidance on Structuring the Upcoming Application

    Providing advice and recommendations on how to structure and improve the forthcoming application.

    Progress Reviews with Feedback

    Regular reviews of the ongoing application process. Feedback and suggestions for enhancements during the application phase.

    Final Submission Review and Mock Scoring

    A comprehensive review of the final application. Conducted by experts specialised in that particular type of application. Includes a mock scoring based on the value and criteria established for the specific grant application.