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Circular Bio-based Europe

Preparation Through Development, Strategy And Structure

Circular Bio-based Europe – Joint Undertaking(CBE JU)

The Circular Bio-based Europe – Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) is a collaborative initiative between the European Union and various stakeholders in the bio-based industry. It aims to accelerate the transition towards a circular and sustainable bioeconomy by fostering research, innovation, and investment in bio-based products and processes. By bringing together public and private partners, CBE JU supports projects that promote the use of renewable resources, minimise waste, and develop eco-friendly alternatives, contributing to the EU’s goals of environmental sustainability, economic growth, and reduced carbon footprint.

The CBE JU calls fund three types of actions:


  1. Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs)
  2. Innovation Actions (IAs)
  3. Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs)